Banesco Venezuela is preserving history through the publishing of 8 new books

December 2021 – Banesco´s Editorial Fund edited and published 8 new books in 2021, which documented the common history of ordinary Venezuelans and their contributions to the creative, athletic and journalism industries. Seven of those will be published in Banesco´s Digital Library site and will be available for download free of charge.

To date, this site is home for over 44 pieces of literature and hundreds of pages, set to illustrate stories of Venezuelans and their contributions in the arts, sports and journalism fields. This work is the testament of the ongoing efforts that Banesco´s Editorial Fund has done to encourage editorial activity as well as to promote education among Venezuela´s citizens.

“El vuelo de las Águilas”; “70 años de Semblanzas”; “No es Cuento, es historia” Vol. II; Antología del 6to. Concurso Nacional de Poesía Joven Rafael Cadenas; “Cardenales de Lara, de Carora a Barquisimeto, 80 años en la pelota”; “Los testigos de afuera”; “Nuevo país de la danza” y “El tiempo que no consiente recorrerlo”, are the 8 books that were published in 2021 are part of the “Faces of the Future, Journalism and Patrimony collections of Banesco´s Digital Library.