Corporate Social Responsibility

A Dialogue with Society

With the objective of playing an active role in the integral development of their communities, the different entities that make up Banesco International have established value propositions based on products, services, and programs that promote Balanced Economic, Social, and Sustainable Development. With this, they assume the responsibility of respecting and promoting Human Rights; contributing to a positive operational environment; acting according to ethical standards; and extending this expectation to all its stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers, regulators, shareholders, and their community in general.

As an international financial brand, Banesco promotes inclusion, financial accessibility, and entrepreneurship by programs that seek to incorporate the highest number of individuals to the formal economy in the various countries where it operates. In addition, each bank has established relationships with local non-profit organizations that promote health and education development, two of the core pillars of Banesco International´s corporate responsibilities plans.

The institutions that make up Banesco International subscribe to the United Nations World Pact and follow its principles of transparency, preparing annual reports following the guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) which outline one of the most recognized methodologies in this area.