Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Banesco International is a financial services brand with an international presence and more than 34 years of experience in banking, insurance and payment methods.
With operations in the United States and Latin America, the brand is present in six countries and consists of four independent financial institutions: Banesco USA, Banesco Panama, Banesco Dominican Republic and Banesco Venezuela.

They are all linked by their main shareholder and founder, the Venezuelan banker and economist Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez.

What is the relationship between ABANCA and Banesco International?

Both brands´ primary shareholder is banker and economist, Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez. Additionally, they maintain ordinary correspondent banking relationships. In other respects, they are entirely separate entities from every perspective: legal, governance, financial, operational, as well as in the generation of managerial information and the ability to absorb losses.

Which are our business lines?


In the banking sector, we offer comprehensive financial services. We know and make every effort to satisfy our customers’ needs, by building relationships based on mutual trust, accessibility, and excellence in service quality.

We are committed to bringing as much profits for our shareholders, and well-being for our community, as possible.


In the insurance sector, our firms are highly regarded thanks to their excellent services. Their goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs, as well as those of the organization and the brokers.
In payment channels, we offer digital pre-paid services that guarantee that our customers enjoy simple and safe access to services. We take advantage of our solid expertise in the welfare benefits market to generate value for our customers, shareholders, employees, and the community.

Payment methods

In Methods of Payments, we offer electronic prepaid products that provide our clients with access to services in a simple way and ensure our solid experience in the social benefits market to generate value for our clients, shareholders, employees and the community in general.