Banesco opens branch with renewed experience in Bella Vista Mall, Dominican Republic

The institutions announced that this new office will focuse on self-management and personalized attention.

Santo Domingo. Banesco Banco Múltiple inaugurated a new branch in the Bella Vista Mall, which is now  more modern, technological driven, focused on self-management which  promises a new experience for its clients, as part of the transformations which will provide an avant garde service to all of its customers.

This new branch is equipped with private rooms to hold business meetings, cutting edge self-service booths, a digital system turns and modular screens, all  encompassed in a welcoming and aesthetical pleasant space, which seeks to become a reference  in the  local banking industry .

María Clara Alviárez, Executive President of Banesco Dominican Republic, explained that this new branch is a tangible sign that innovation has always been part of Banesco´s corporate philosophy, since its aim is always  to guarantee the best customer experience, through personalized and exclusive attention, in addition to the brand update which is being being carried out at the corporate level.

“During the 10 years we have been present in  Dominican Republic, we have focused on providing customers with a quality, close and efficient assistance through our products, services and in this opportunity, we bring the best practices of our corporation to our local branches, with a new value proposition and a new service experience ”, said the executive.

With this new branch, Banesco Banco Múltiple reaffirms its commitment to its clients by offering them facilities and innovative solutions  always with an eye on the future and with the interest of contributing to the growth and development of the Dominican economy.