New trees for the Botanical Garden of Caracas

Members of the Banesco Volunteer Service, the board of directors of the National College of Journalists and representatives of the envioromental project Sembremos Más Vida , participated in a afforestation drive on June 27 in the Botanical Garden of Caracas, as part of social commitments of the institution.

Banesco Banco Universal – whose Corporate Social Responsibility policies pillars are the promotion of education, health and financial inclusion of Venezuelans – promoted an ecological day in the Botanical Garden of Caracas on June 27, which coincided the National Day of the Journalist.

Fifteen volunteers from the bank, the CNP Board of Directors and representatives of environmental groups Sembremos Más Vida and EcoPrácticas participated in the activity.

30 new trees were planted -26 apamates and 4 araguaneyes-  during the day which was carried out in the vicinity of the Laguna Venezuela and was guided by the staff of the Botanical Garden Experimental Institute “Dr. Tobias Lasser ”, who chose the most suitable location for these type of plants and were in charge of  instructing the volunteers on the steps and the correct techniques for this sort of activity.

Banesco and the Sembremos Más Vida Foundation delivered seeds to the volunteers of the bank who offered to germinate and transplant apamates and araguaney to contribute to the environment, starting with the sowing and caring for new trees.

With these types of activities, Banesco aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically those related to the environment: Climate Action (13) and Terrestrial Ecosystems Life (15).