Todoticket three years of brand evolution

Todoticket celebrates the third anniversary of its webpage by launching a new domain with new developments in WPA technology aimed at benefiting all its users. This new feature will allow its clients to emulate the experience of an application without having to download it on the smartphone marketplace. With this, todoticket becomes the first company in its sector to offer this technology to its customers.

Currently mi todoticket has more than 130,000 registered users and records over 10,000 daily transactions to both Banesco as well as other financial institutions. Todoticket has an array of high-quality products and services that companies can use to facilitate social benefits to their employees.

About todoticket

Todoticket is a Venezuelan company with 15 years in the market, a leader in the administration and management of social benefits through prepaid electronic products and backed by the Banesco Group and VISA.  Always focusing in innovation, todoticket has a wide range of products and services satisfy the needs of its customers: todoticket integral Visa Debit for all payments and receipt of extra-salary benefits, todoticket food, todoticket health, todoticket school / toy for purchases of School supplies, toy stores, bookstores and shoe stores, Direct Payment for the management of payments through transfers to collaborators’ educational centers, saving the employer administrative procedures.

mi todoticket celebra su tercer aniversario