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Website use conditions

The following Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the website property of Banesco International. By accessing the website, the User agrees to accept and comply with the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Use of the website awards the capacity of user (hereafter the “User”). Therefore, the User should carefully read these Terms and Conditions when accessing and using the resources, contents, and spaces available to the User through this website. The capacity of User implies full acceptance, without restrictions, of all and each of the Terms and Conditions in the released version, at the time the website is accessed.
  2. Information provided by Banesco International through the website shall be considered as introductory by the User; nothing shall be construed as a determining element for decision making, and in no event shall Banesco International be liable for the use of same.
  3. To access the website, the User shall have available internet service and the computer equipment and systems required to connect to the internet. In no event shall Banesco International be liable for loss or damages of any kind arising from access and use of the website, including, but not limited to, those to computer systems or caused by computer virus and/or hacking. Banesco International shall also not be liable for damages to the User due to the improper use of this website, and under no circumstances for any failure, interruption, lack of or shortcoming of telecommunications.
  4. Banesco International is not responsible for the accuracy, integrity or updating of information not processed by Banesco International and identified as sourced by third parties, nor for information offered in other websites accessible through links or hyperlinks in our website, facilitated to the User as alternate sources and which are governed by the terms and conditions of use established to this end by the owners of said websites. Consequently, under no circumstances shall Banesco International be responsible for any hypothetical damage that may arise from the use of the aforementioned information. The aforesaid hyperlinks shall not be construed in any case as Banesco International recommending, endorsing or distributing the information, products and/or services or contents whatsoever owned by third parties and offered by them or published by them in any way.
  5. Banesco Internacional shall not be liable for discrepancies that may arise temporarily between the contents of its printed documents and the digital version published in its website.
  6. By accessing and using this website, the User agrees to be bound by the applicable laws, these Terms and Conditions, and generally accepted standards of propriety, morals and public order, and agrees not to use it for any unlawful purpose, at odds with these Terms and Conditions, detrimental to third-party rights and interests, or which may in any way harm, disable, overload or damage it.
  7. Banesco International reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information in its website at any time, and may also limit or not allow access to said information without notice. Likewise, Banesco International reserves the right to provisionally or permanently suspend access to the website, whenever necessary, due to technical reasons, power or other failures, internet congestion or any other cause beyond the control of Banesco International, or any other cause that renders such suspension necessary or advisable.
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  9. The User agrees not to delete, elude or manipulate the copyright and other data that identifies the rights of Banesco International.